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note: Kindly check the page NOTES ON ACADEMICS for detailed clarification of my academic work and information regarding any past collaborations.



SB in Physics, MIT
SB in Mathematics, MIT
PhD in physics, Princeton
My PhD thesis consisted of my personal published papers and was approved by Princeton University under the supervision of SELF

Academic Research Areas


Proved phase locking in neural networks for generalized non delta function type signals in large-scale neural networks. Existing literature accounted for phase locking in only delta-type action potentials and very special cases of known shapes.-- This problem was pointed out by J J Hopfielod for my generals project.


Developed a quantum neural network model for the next generation artificial intelligence - starting with semi-classical nets and ending with a quantum RAM. This series was invited by SIAM and has also been invited for a follow-up book chapter by NOVA publishers.-- personal project


Developed a new type of non-extensive mixing entropy to describe how complex systems interact. An invitation for an invited paper in the journal Entropy was received based on this entropy.--personal project


Developed a model for spin like dynamics in social networks to study the creation of cultures and social fractures and properties like formation of national identities and civil wars from the point of view of physics. This has been listed as recommended reading at Center for Complex System and Intelligent Management at SJTU and was invited by an editor of Physica A to be presented at Verhulst 200 arranged by the Belgian Army. Follow-up chapter accepted as invited NOVA book chapter on transition economies.--personal project


Created a new model for quantum measurement and de-coherence using first-passage random walks and symmetrization of images.--personal project

Other Miscellaneous Interesting Research Experience:

Familiarity with SLAC QCD data analysis and Computing methods at Bates Linear accelarator from undergraduate research. My undergraduate thesis on QCD data analysis can be found at the MIT library.
Familiar with the MiniBoone project and particle detection MonteCarlo writing from graduate research experience.

Invited Book Chapters

1. Aspects of Pattern Recognition: Fariel Shafee
2. Non-locality in Perception and Nano-robot Networks, Fariel Shafee

3. Bifurcation of identities and the physics of transition economies Fariel Shafee and Gavin Steingo

4. Some Stochastic Facets of Artificial Intelligence Systems

1. Invited Book Chapter, Pattern Recognition Theory and Applications, Nova Publishers

2 Invited expert Commentary, Pattern Recognition in Nanoscience, Environmental Engineering and Archeology, NOVA publishers

3. Invited book chapter, Transition Economies, NOVA publishers

Transition Economies: 21st Century Challenges and Issues

4. Invited short communication, Artificial Intelligence: New Research; Nova Publishers

Ongoing Book Proposal
Curretly working on a joint book proposal on quantum neural networks.

Journal and Conference Papers

Most of my papers can be accessed at A partial list is provided below:

1. Neural Networks with Finite Width Action Potentials: Fariel Shafee cond-mat/0111151

2. Entropy and Inference Revisited: Ilya Nemenman, Farial Shafee, William Bialek physics/0108025

3. Semi-classical Neural Network: Fariel Shafee quant-phy/0202015

4. Neural Networks with Quantum Gated Nodes: Fariel Shafee quant-phy/0202016

5. Completely Entangled Neural Networks: Fariel Shafee quant-phy/0203010

6. Space filling Curves in Control Theory: Fariel Shafee quant-ph/0305021

7. A Spin Glass Model for Human Logic Systems: Fariel Shafee nlin.AO/0211013

8. Interacting Agents in Social Networks, the Idea of Self and Influence Space

9. Oligo-parametric Hierarchical Structure in Complex Systems: Fariel Shafee nlin/0609005

10. Quantum Control of Expectation Values of Observables: Fariel Shafee quant-ph/0306128

11. Chaos and Annealing in Social Networks: Fariel Shafee cond-mat/0401191

12. A New Non-extensive Entropy: Fariel Shafee nlin.AO/0406044

13. Generalized Entropies and Statistical Mechanics: Fariel Shafee cond-mat/0409037

14. Generalized Entropies and Quantum Entanglement: Fariel Shafee cond-mat/0410554

15. Spin glass like dynamics of social networks: Fariel Shafee physics/0506161

16. Local Measurements and Entangled States: Fariel Shafee quant-ph/0512147

17. Symmetrization, quantum images and measurement: Fariel Shafee quant-ph/0507106

18. Quantum measurement as first passage random walks in Hilbert space: Fariel Shafee quant-ph/0502111

19.Connection and Collapse to Future in Interactive Multi agent Games: Fariel Shafee

20. Nonextensive Entropy, Prior PDFs and Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking arXiv:0810.1072

21. Network of Perceptions: arXiv:0901.3793

Status of Papers

1. Submitted, part of my PhD thesis; can be found at the Princeton library.

2. has been presented at NIPS 2001 under the category "spotlight presentation", Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 14, 2002. MIT Press

3. 4. and 5. have been presented at SIAM conference on computational physics and engineering in San Diego in February 2002 upon invitation

3. accepted by Stochastics and Dynamics, World Scientific

4. Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence, Elsevier 20, 429-437

5. Microelectronics Journal, Elsevier 37, 1321-1324

6. Electronic Journal of Theoretical Physics, June 2006

7. has been cited by Complexity Digest: issue 2002.46 and econophysics: under paper -> November. Was accepted for poster by the Conference on New Economics

7a. has been accepted as short paper for European Conference on Complex Systems to be held in Paris Nov 2005. ECCS proceedings

8. Going through final revision before publication

9. Neuroquantology March 2007

10. Accepted to XXVIII-WASET Conference

11. invited by an editor of Physica A to be in Verhulst 200 organized by the Royal Military Academy of Belgium for a 20 min oral presentation. Revised version sent for publication. Gping through final revision according to the editor’s instructions to make the paper clearer.

12+13 accepted by IMA Journal of Applied Mathematics, Oxford University Press

14. recommended for publication by the referees of Chaos, Solitons, Fractals, Elsevier

15. accepted for oral presentation at WEHIA 2005, 10th Annual Workshop on Economic Heterogeneous Interacting Agents, England

15.a accepted for The Society for Chaos Theory conference 2005 at Denver, Colorado

16. revised version sent for publication

17. Electronic Journal of Theoretical Physics, March 2007
18. Electronic Journal of Theoretical Physics Vol 6, Issue 21
19. accepted for the International Conference of Philosophy, Greece 2005

21. Neuroquantology Vol 7 No 2, 2009

Talks and Seminars

MIT, Condensed Matter Group Talk, Dec 8, 2004, Title: Spin Glass-Like properties of Social Clusters and Their Dynamics

University of Maryland, Condensed Matter Group Talk, Feb 15, 2005, Title: Spin Glass-Like properties of Social Clusters and Their Dynamics

Professional Activities

Reviewer for pattern Recognition letters, Elsevier

Reviewer for Microelectronics Journal, Elsevier

Reviewer for Physics Letters A, Elsevier

Reviewer for Journal of Computer Science and Technology, Springer

Reviewer for International Journal of Artificial Organs

Referee for Neural Network World

Member of technical programme committee for ICQNM 2008

Member of technical programme committee for ICQNM 2009

Awards, Invitations and Affiliations

Offered ORS award from Oxford University, 1998

Paper included in group proposal for special volume on quantum neural networks sponsored by NIPS to be published by MIT press upon invitation, 2003

Excellent Prize, Japan Institute for Inventions and Innovations at the World Exhibition of Young People's Inventions and Innovations, Tokyo, 1991, for "The Voice Controlled Circuit"

Partial links/citations to my papers

:bibliography, quantum nets, scientific visualization and virtual reality laboratory, Brazil

: check out the section on national security

:my paper listed as recommended reading SJTU,%20Giraldi.%20Models%20for%20Quantum%20Neural%20Networks.doc

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