The Other Side of the Moon

Inception of a Life

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The inception of a being
One dull and silent midnight
On a dark and unhappy couch

A seed of life
Dashed along a watery channel
Flailed by a million flagella
To be tested if the single cell
Was robust enough to become human

As it would fuse to form a gamete
The zygote formed
And divided
And a body shaped

- A tiny lump of flesh
To be designed into a person
Soon Sam would come to the world

Inside the womb Sam wondered
If he would be Susan
or if he'd be Bob
He was partly both of them
His genes carried their codes

Susan and Bob existed in two different worlds
In the real world outside
They would not have become friends
But only lovers

The tiny seed of greed
Lust and avarice
That remained hidden usually
Under the folded leaves of reasons
And of composure
Did not always care
To be bullied by the rationality
That would keep this world in order

Susan and Bob were different
Their ideas and their visions contrasted
Asked for the other's demise

Yet Sam was created
Carrying both their flesh
And looks
To form his own convictions
In his own world