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Notes on Academics

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Clarification of Academic Material


Assigned by Princeton


1. first year RAship on MiniBoone Project:: experimental high energy physics.

The project mainly consisted of testing compatibility of detector oil with different brands of paint, and did not interest me after I was given the assignemnt.


2. generals project: Finite width AP in neural network: assigned by J J Hopfield, who was retiring and showed no interest in continuing the project or advising any further.  He had made clear he would not be able to advise me for PhD when I asked him for a problem for my generals project in the beginning. The problem about finite width corrections in neural networks was assigned by him.  He had approved the project after I showed him my final work.  I did not collaborate with him regarding the work inside the paper.  He had given me the problem and two of his papers to read for which I am thakful.


3. small project in 2001 with W Bialek.  Not in touch with him ever since then: yielded one conference proceeding on NSB prior ( for fitting data to a model using Shannon entropy) mainly in collaboration with his post doc (I do not demand much credit for this work.  I mostly did numerical calculations).  He is not connected with any of the mixing entorpy papers that were written after 2003.  My academic connection with Bialek ended before summer 2001.  I collaborated with his postdoc to finish the conference paper on NSB prior that summer after my relationship with Bialek ended, which I believe was based on our disagreement about the feasibility of calculating a certain integral.  The conference paper involved that integral, which was not solved analytically.


4. project assigned in 2002/3: clearly defined: using level set method in quantum control.

Six drafts produced in that duration was put in arxiv later.

Anything else produced in that duration was clearly marked as my personal work in writing.


I was asked to discontinue the quantum control project in 2003 and was told to get my personal papers published by myself. 

These personal papers have no connection with any Princeton faculty.

I was given the condition that after I get 3 of my personal papers published I would be able to defend, and I left Princeton as the department had cut off my funds. By that time, I had my personal work done on quantum nets and axiom networks.  I had also presented my personal work on quantum nets at a SIAM conference and a link to my work on axiom networks was included in Complexity Digest.  


My thesis has been approved without a supervisor, and two copies of the thesis under the supervision of SELF exist in PU library.


Personal papers and models


The models in the following papers have been developed by me.  They were not developed with any coworkers or under the supervision of anybody.


  1. 3 papers on quantum nets done in summer 2002.  Follow-up book chapters were written later.

The papers have no connection with the Princeton Quantum Computing Institute which has been recently created.  The institute did not exist in 2002 when my papers were written, and according to my knowledge nobody at Princeotn was working

on quantum nets in 2002 when these papers were written by me (I had tried getting a supervisor to extend these into a thesis in 2002 before I was given the project on quantum control.  I was told nobody was able to do so, and that is why I was assigned a new project on quantum control and I agreed to spend my time on a new project.)  I have looked at the dates of publications of the people related to Princeton Quantum Institute, and according to my knowledge, there are no papers in the field prior to my papers or at the same time.  My papers by now have several invited book chapters based on them.



From 2003, when I was told to get my papers published by myself, I was not even funded by princeton (I was supported by a teaching assistantship when I was working on the quantum control project in 2002-2003, and I was not funded in the summer of 2002.  I was also supported by a teaching assistantship during the 2001-2002 academic year.  Bialek did not fund me in the summer of 2001), and my thesis has already been approved under the supervision of SELF, clearing the papers as my personal work.



2. A 2002 paper on axioms in social networks and the role of axioms.  The book titled “A certain ambiguity” written by two people came out of PU Press in 2007.  My axiom paper can be found in arxiv under the year 2002.  The accompanying poem called A mathematician’s frustration can also be found on my website (it has been there since the site was created and I also have guest comments based on the poem and comments mailed to me by my friends right after the poem was written).  The poem has been in ever since 2002.  The poem has the very basic ideas of the 2002 papers.  The paper explores the issues more in depth.


  1. several papers on social networks:

The first paper proposing a model of SELF using heterogeneous agents and extended notions of SELF can be found in arxiv under the year 2004.  The paper was presented at MIT in 2004.


The paper also received several international invitations. It was written when I was not at Princeton and was working by myself.  The so called MIT model of SELF came out in 2006.  I do not know who the authors of the MIT model of SELF are.  I was not working with them and was definitely not their students.

Several follow-up papers on social networks written by me can also be found in arxiv.

A follow-up book chapter came out in 2007 that cites the original 2002 and 2004 papers.


  1. papers on mixing entropy: done between 2004 and now.  I was working on my own.

Contrary to the report in


my papers do not have any coworkers.  These are my personal papers.  They were later included in my thesis that was approved without a supervisor.


  1. papers on quantum measurement: were written between 2005 and now.

The difference between my 2005 model and the model proposed by Omnes (published in arxiv a few months before my paper was put there) has been clearly indicated in the current published version of my paper.

The process of image formation in a detector using detector-system pairs was proposed by me later in 2005 (can be found in arxiv) based on a question raised by somebody who read the paper, and the concept of betting and game among possible states was proposed in my first paper.

The idea of leakage in the environment was also proposed in my first paper that was put in arxiv in 2005.


 The 2005 Omnes paper has been cited in my paper.  I have recently discovered quite a few papers in arxiv that make use of concepts like formation of images, leakage to the environment etc without citing me, and I have also doiscovered a paper that makes use of betting and game.  These papers are dated after my entries in arxiv and do not cite me.

I believe the author was aware of my papers since I had email communications with him in 2005.


 The defense was in Nov 2008 and the degree was given in 2009.

Defense committee members included Jason Petta and Cristiano Galbiati who should be able to assert that they approved the thesis  under the supervision of SELF.