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About Fariel Shafee:

country: USA

who: Artist Fariel Shafee

Works from the 2002 When They Were Children collection of artists' childhood art

Artist's Biography

"I was born in a family of mixed cultural heritage.  Also, spending my childhood at places as diverse as South Asia and Europe, I was able to appreciate how people with differences in their opinions and ideologies can create uniquely beautiful cultures, yet remain tied with the basic values of humanity.  In my paintings too I try to portray the vivid colors of the several lively cultures I had been so fortunate to live in.   

When I was young, my parents who are both physicists, spent a large portion of their time in Italy.  I got extremely fascinated by the baroque Italian architecture and the splendid frescos.  Later, a book on civilization which contained pages of colorful renaissance paintings became my favorite pastime.

Many of my extended family members were professionally involved with the arts in South Asia, Europe and North America.  My parents also had a keen interest in art.  Having spent my childhood with close family ties, I would say that to some extent my interest in art has certainly been diffused into me from my family.  Also, my school had been a great source of inspiration.  There were frequent art contests and art projects, as a result of which quite a few of my classmates later on went to pursue careers in art and architecture.  After finishing high school I, however, went to MIT for my undergraduate degrees in physics and mathematics.  However, I have always been actively engaged in painting. 

Recently, I have also developed an interest in digital art and multimedia.  I have started a project to set surreal visual clips to music."

~Fariel Shafee, 2002

Selected Exhibitions and Awards


Group show: Princeton University: 2000, 2001, 2002
GalleryNow: oil paintings
abs gallery (International elite artists)
Professional Listings and Memberships

World Artist Directory: accomplished artist
Artdomain Ibiza: accomplished artist    
MOCA (Museum of Computer Arts): distinguished computer art site
Member, International Association of Webmasters and Designers
Silvestri Art Directory
Visual Escapes

Award of merit by Artchallenge
"Golden Web Award" from International Association of Webmasters and Designers
Silver Kara Art Award for art and webpage designing
Honorable Mention, ABS Gallery art contest, sponsored by LIA art magazine 

Current Projects
Working on a cdrom of surrealistic visual clips set to music
Painting for a Boston fundraising auction for homeless children, upon invitation

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GalleryNow: oil paintings
abs gallery (International elite artists)

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