The Other Side of the Moon

Newer Poems-1

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My poem was monthly winner for April issue of Martian wave

Two of my poems are in The Shape of a Box

(first accepted by Flutter vol2 issue 7)


The silhouette of a body
In the shadows of the night
A wolf
Moaning from afar
A bat-
With hisses from its mouth
Pervading the silent air

Draped in a linen of
Pining to be pierced
With scorching rays of a star

A craving
A longing
From an unattainable dream
Echoing across the field
Bathed in murky ink
Like a squid had spat on its face

The yearning for your warmth
To shield my array of dreads
Of vanishing from the earth
And being
For eternity

Your lips so tender and
In my vivid, fantastic dreams
As your body brushes mine
So almost true
So almost happening

But fragmenting into shadows,
And fantasies
The sun back on the sky
And the veil of a million chances
Of impossible dreams
Is quickly being lifted
From this very prosaic world

And loneliness creeps in again.

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