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I am mainly a physicist. In my free time I paint, write and do fashion design.

This site contains my art and writing.

To see my fashion designs click here.


My short story in Skive magazine.. can be downloaded here

Thanks to every one who voted for my poem "The Martian Flower"

My piece The Moment has appeared in DecomP
One of my digitakl art pieces has been accepted by
Journal of Truth and Consequences
It should appearr in one of their 2010 issues
My fiction The Lost Vampire has been accepted by Dans Macabre
It should appear in one of their autumn 2009 issues


My poem, Stardust in the Desert has been accepted for the October issue of Conceit Magazine

My poem has been accepted by Illumen

My short story, Forest of Irises, has been accepted by Skive

My poem The Immaculate Dots has been accepted by BluePrint Review

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copyright: All art and writings on this site are copyrighted. If you are interested in using anything, kindly email me.

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