The Other Side of the Moon

Newer Poems-2

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The Clouds
Piles of cold clouds
Pale, placid and gray
Heaps of thickened smoke
Rising from the ashes

Soft and diffused sorrow
In chunks of assorted shapes
Still and sag in the air
Hanging perhaps form heaven

The windless desert sand
Ochre with dots around
A lonely leafless trunk
And a rattler crawling fast

A traveler off his path
With the sign of a single scar
And a scarlet drop of sorrow
About to reach the ground

In the rays
Of the bitter summer sun

And the clouds just become redder
Overlooking earth
Sights in sadness
And pervading the sky with grief
Panic proclaiming the minds
They all blamed the other
For the prolonged bloodshot darkness
As the stacks of saddened clouds
Only thickened with time

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