The Other Side of the Moon

The Kaleidoscope

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You and I
are standing at
the extreme ends of the universe
With a pair of dice to roll - 
and ignorant
of the other's existence.
My die is rolled
and a number is seen on the TOP;
so MY rules are made;
the pieces in my 
move around on the base 
and the scarlet, blue,
green and yellow 
iridescent fragments of glass
form a pattern that's splendid.

The image gets reflected in the
mirrors of my scope
a million, a zillion times and more
and tiles to form
an infinite world
which appears definite to me;
so I sense a meaning
and I feel I matter
as I behold the exact image
extending beyond my sight
and the rest of the world dissolved
 behind my impassable walls.

Later when I meet you
you seem to me to have appeared
 with a bizarre set of rules
and the idea and the conviction of an 
unknown world I can't fathom -
so gripped by threat
I am spooked

long that you were NEVER EVER
created in this universe
with your VERY FLAWED die,
although it is probable
that you're AS innocent as I am.
Your die might actually have
given you a number
that is co-prime to my own
with no common factors at all.